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Steve the Pocket
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Re: weird things about phpBB

Postby Steve the Pocket » Fri Sep 04, 2009 3:37 am

Spiderman once PM'd me asking me to message him back if I wanted to cyber. I was scared. ):
Don't do it! You'll end up feeling ashamed and eventually cast aside when he asks the devil to retcon the happenings out of existence to bring back his aunt for the umpteenth time. Its not worth it!
You think that's bad? What about the actual retcon process? There is no way that being erased from existence in the past, present AND future all at once is a painless procedure.

Also (and getting back on topic, ironically) I'm noticing this forum engine puts even wider spaces under quote boxes than the old one. Which is funny because other PHPBB3 forums I've seen ignore the first blank line directly under those things.

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