Discrimination against flat caps in Chichester shop

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Discrimination against flat caps in Chichester shop

Postby Muninn » Mon Mar 01, 2010 6:23 pm

http://www.midhurstandpetworth.co.uk/44 ... 6063464.jp
AN elderly man was astonished after being asked to remove his flat cap for security reasons while in a shop.

Robert Broughton, 89, was on his daily visit to the One Stop in St Paul's Road, Chichester, when he was asked to remove his flat cap because of company policy.

Mr Broughton, who lives in nearby Little Breach, said he had been in the shop hundreds of times before and had never been asked to take it off.

"I was very angry," he said. "I think it's quite ridiculous.

"There were other people about who had some hats on. I wasn't disguised, it's not as though I was wearing glasses or had a beard.

"My face was fully visible. I had been in the shop more than 100 times – I couldn't believe it."

Mr Broughton went into the shop on Thursday, February 4, as he usually does on his way back from the city centre.

"I went to the One Stop to do some minor shopping, and I was astonished when I got to the counter and the assistant asked me to remove my cap," he said.

"I asked him 'why?' and he said it was company policy. My face wasn't hidden, I couldn't believe it. I go into Marks and Spencer or anywhere else and they never ask me to remove my hat."

A spokesman for the shop said there was an incident several months ago where somebody had been assaulted, and headgear had obscured the faces of the assailants on CCTV.

They were now obliged to ask those wearing hats to remove them and couldn't discriminate on age grounds.

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